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Brands Founded

Cheya Media

Cheya Media is a digital marketing agency that focuses on using data-driven marketing and relationship-based marketing to create the ultimate marketing strategy.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs feel confident in scaling their business and generating high-quality leads through authentic marketing.



Looking for a reliable, high-quality podcast editing and content production team? Look no further! 

With Trendcast, say hello to fast turnarounds, weekly episodes, and the ability to save thousands of dollars on podcast management and content assets all under one flat (and dare we say, affordable) rate.  Change the way you do content.

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[Meet Me] After Hours

An empowerment brand and community dedicated to helping women of color founders and professionals build the legacy that they've dreamed of and grow the generational wealth their family deserves.

After Hours offers a variety of online and physical products. Their core offering is a donation-based, monthly subscription offer to exclusive content, templates, tools, and resources. They're also launching an Impact Fund in the future to help WOC with mentorships, internships, and other opportunities.

The Sabbath Gift

Chelsya and a business partner co-founded The Sabbath Gift. The Sabbath Gift is a giftable product that provides a unique 7-day devotional for consumers who want an interactive experience to fulfill their spiritual need, specifically those who desire to take a break and want to find more clarity in what it means to rest in God. 

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AudioPilot equips filmmakers, film producers, and film directors with the tools they need to develop, fundraise, pitch, and recruit for their project.

  • Easily share your Synopsis Link to engage other parties

  • Launch Test-Screeners for audience analytics

  • Make edits and adjustments accordingly

  • Recruit talent & provide remote self-rehearsals

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