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Learn the tricks, focus on what matters and generate NEW leads!

Social Blast

Social Blast

Does this sound familiar?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're tired from trying all the strategies that Pinterest tells you to do

  • You just want to land that dream client so you can prove to yourself that you didn't just waste your time

  • You know that if you just just get more views on your content, people will finally see you as an expert

  • You know you can sell to a warm audience but you're confused on how to convert your audience from cold to warm

Are you currently:

Are you currently:

  • Watching all the trainings you subscribe to for free, applying it to your platforms and still not getting the reaction you hoped for?

  • Secretly feeling envious whenever you see other coaches and/or online entrepreneurs in your niche talk about their recent success of landing a client through Instagram?

  • Ready to give up because you just can't seem to grow your account regardless of all changes you've made on your account?

  • Thinking that there has to be a better way and strategy to getting more people to see what you have to offer?

That's why I created the:

The mini-crash course for busy, motivated and ambitious online entrepreneurs to help them show up confident and strong 

and to get their content to appear in front of their ideal clients

so they can land their dream clients and customers.

With the Social Blast, you'll finally be able to:

  • Choose the platform that is best for your business and
    where your ideal client lies


  • Create phenomenal content that attracts your
    ideal consumer


  • Create and launch an offer that is irresistible
    to your audience


  • Generate trust and authority with your audience
    so you can sell whatever your heart desires


  • Live out your vision board and impact others through your purpose

Social Blast

Social Blast

5 Modules

The Social Blast will be covering the tips, tricks and strategies for all 5 platforms.

- Instagram

- Facebook

- LinkedIn

- Pinterest

- YouTube

Valued at $500


We're going into:

- The Basics 

(setting up a successful account)

- The Reason (is this the right platform for you)

- Content Strategy

- Promotion Strategy

Valued at $350

Worksheets and PDF guides ready to be downloaded or printed out so you can get the most out of the lessons

Valued at $150

Live Q&A

There will be a 90-minute LIVE Q&A session for each platform mentioned in the course. You will be able to join the Zoom call to ask the LIVE questions.*


Valued at $300

*This is the only time something so big like this has been offered for such a small cost.



Because I know that content creation can be overwhelming, you'll also get bonus access to my training, Plan to Perfect, for free. Plan to Perfect is my video masterclass that shows you how to create and plan 30 days worth of quality content in less than 15 minutes (a.k.a., you want this).

When you sign up for the Social Blast, you'll:

  • have 24/7, unlimited, lifetime access to the course (including new content that I will
    upload in the future)

  • have instant access to the modules

  • be invited to a 90-Minute LIVE Zoom Q&A call where you can ask questions about each platform

  • have video modules and workbook guides to help enhance your learning

5 Massive Trainings + 1 Group 90-Minute Zoom Q&A Call + Plan to Perfect = $3000
.... But I'm offering it for a fraction of the value.

Modules will drop weekly starting January 25, 2020.

This is designed so that you won't be overwhelmed

and will take action on the weekly tasks! 



If you enroll into the course before start date (January 25, 2020), you'll get a bonus 1-week Voxer Support with me. Think of it is 24/7 access to my brain! Whoa, social media overload!