Lessons from Successful Female Entrepreneurs

Yesterday, I had the awesome opportunity to attend Her Talks by Empower HER at a local coffee shop in Ohio, La Gota. The night consisted of the founders of Empower HER sitting down with the owners and founders of 3 stores, Heart Mercantile, Luna, and Hedges & Wolf, in Downtown Dayton. They dug deep with meaningful questions and enhanced the reality that every female entrepreneur must endure.

Four amazing entrepreneurs sat down in front of an audience filled with dreams, ambition and delicious coffee. There was something unique about these entrepreneurs, they are best friends who opened up these stores together! If it's not already hard enough being a female entreprenur, imagine starting a business with a few others just like you! Now, I'm not against this. In fact, I'm all for it. However, I do want to recognize the difficulty of starting a business with other minds and other preferences in the mix! Of course, the advantages far outweigh this fact. You are definitely stronger in numbers and more hands get the job done faster!

Because Her Talks are raw and real, I will not be disclosing the vulnerable stories and journeys that were shared. What I will share are the lessons that as female entrepreneurs we will most benefit from!

You don't just work hard for a month and then coast and go on auto-pilot. The grind never stops.

Giving up control is actually gaining more control.

The bigger the team, the larger the compromise. And the more frequent we will have to compromise. Many female entrepreneurs are alpha-females. They have tough personalities and are pretty dominant! Therefore, it gets pretty difficult when it comes to letting go of our ideas, preferences or desires. However, what these amazing ladies taught me was that when you work with so many awesome people and you give up control, you are actually enlarging your bandwith. This allows you to focus on what YOU love to do and what YOU are best at! You now have more control in doing the things at which you excel!

Her success is my success.

Wow. Her success is my success. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. You guys are in this together! You want the same things, the same outcome, and you obviously want to make money. When they win, you win. When you win, they win. Teamwork is a collaborative effort and a collaborative success.

If you're a hustler and you love it, you'll figure it out.

So just do it.We make SO many excuses. At some time, we will have to take the leap and just do it. This is so cliche but it's true! If you want it bad enough and you work hard, you'll soon figure it out. Things will work out. Something that I continue to learn daily is that entrepreneurship is a continuous line of work. You don't just work hard for a month and then coast and go on auto-pilot. The grind never stops. But if you love it, you never cease to enjoy it.

If you're ever in the Dayton area of Ohio, stop by Oregon District and check out these stores! Support your fellow female entrepreneurs. You won't be disappointed by the products they have! Also, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite quotes that one of the owners, Brittany Smith, loves to showcase on her beautiful easel! You know you're in front of Heart Mercantile when you see this easel.

What have you learned while being an entrepeneur? Let's empower each other in the comments below!