Broken and doubtful, she crosses off plan D

Plan A through C left her bare

The doors keep closing but she lumbers through

While her mind runs in circles,

her heart runs on empty promises

Amidst the noise of confusion, she hears

Be still.

He caught her in her hopelessness.

For who am I to tell Him how I want my life to be.

Who am I to demand such plans.

Who am I to write my life in pen,

Only to beg that He uses His eraser when things go wrong.

Be still.

I created the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Be still.

I breathed you into life.

Be still.

I spoke man from dust.

Be still.

You’re here because I declared you into existence.

If you only knew how great my plan A is.

Be still.

- Cheya