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How to Show Up Confidently on Video

How many times do you watch/come across a video on social media?

Better question is how many times do you post videos on social media?

Now, think of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. How many times do you incorporate video marketing and video strategy?

Let's get this out of the way, if you are not producing videos, you are losing out on potential followers. You are losing out on potential clients. Therefore, you are losing out on potential money.

The reason why all the major accounts in the world are thriving is because they use video marketing. Videos produce a much more personable level compared to simply posting a quote or boomerang on your story.

Producing videos is extremely important because the moment you show your face, your audience begins to trust you. People begin to know you even more, as they can easily see your personality through videos as opposed to words on a post. As a result, people begin to like you! Once people become familiar with who you are and know that you will give them so much value, you can start producing offers! You can start offering programs and trainings –things that will essentially give you revenue and get you to be at the next level with your audience.

To point out the obvious, live videos will get you further in your success than regular videos. LIVE videos are beneficial because it allows your audience to interact in real-time.Yes, it’s scary sometimes, but when the videos are happening in real time – that gains you MORE trust than any type of videos. Plus, when you create LIVE videos, you can easily save them as an IGTV on Instagram, much like this one (where I went LIVE to share a tip about enhancing the customer experience and saved it as an IGTV replay).

But let's start small. If you haven’t used videos in your social media strategy, start off with a boomerang that shows your face or whatever you are doing and then work your way up to producing actual videos. Starting off with regular videos and boomerangs are a great way for you to get comfortable on camera, and if you mess up, just record yourself again! That’s the beauty of recorded videos – you can re-record yourself however many times your heart desires. (as long as you stick with one and upload, of course!)

Then, slowly start producing videos every day to the fact that you are producing tips, tricks, and hacks. Remember that it doesn’t have to be long. Just make sure that whatever you are saying is VALUABLE for your audience, so they can connect with you on a whole deeper level. Because they HEAR you and because they SEE you.

So, challenge yourself every day to produce a video because at the end of the day, you want to increase your engagement with your audience.

How do you feel about videos? Comment below!

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