Plan toSlay

in 2020

Join my LIVE 2-Hour Workshop

to planning your BEST YEAR yet! 

Does this sound like you?

  • You love planning and writing in your notebook because it makes you feel accomplished, but when it comes to executing your tasks.... you get nothing done.

  • You're a visionary that loves to be hands-on with their business or passion project and wants to have an exact step-by-step plan to follow.

  • You want to create a system so you can gain traction in your business and focus on gaining more profit instead of putting out fires.

You're a Go-getter!

And I simply know this because you're HERE! And all you need is someone to show you what actions to take so you can go get the dreams you've been chasing and the success you desire!

  • You want to know how to actually execute the goals you've made

  • You don't want to waste your time because you would rather build your empire and create more impact

  • You want to prove to your friends, family and yourself that you CAN do this

That's why I'm hosting the:

Plan to Slay

A 2-Hour LIVE Workshop (you will join me through ZOOM - a video call)

During the 2-Hour workshop, we will:

  • Map out your year and 2020 goals using my exact systems and strategies

  • Create action plans that will help you reach your BIGGEST income yet

  • Get clear on who you want to be seen and known as in 2020
    and how to execute that vision

  • Generate the proper marketing plan that will help you
     exposure and awareness

  • Create systems that will be on auto-pilot so you can enjoy birthdays, cook outs, date nights and actually generate impact while working from home

Save the Date

December 4, 2019, Wednesday

6:30-8:30 pm EST 

This is an intimate 2 hour workshop!

You'll be able to join in our Zoom call.

(but dont worry, if you can't make it live but still want in

I will send you the replay!) 


(Normally sold for $67) 

Plan 2020 with me, and you'll be ready to SLAY. 

Get this product for just $27. This is the only time you’ll ever see this price!

By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Have your ENTIRE year mapped out with clear, actionable tasks

  • Know what numbers you need to achieve in order to reach your income goal

  • Have systems created and streamlined to help you focus on what makes YOU happy in your business


(Normally sold for $67) 

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