12-Week Group Coaching Program for Early Stage Entrepreneurs Growing their Online Business


Ready to take control of 2020 and monetize your true passion? I'm calling you out:


👉🏼 anxious do-it-all’ers who are craving success without having to work 24/7/365


👉🏼 stressed out dreamers who fell victim to the global pandemic and are trying to just stretch out unemployment checks

👉🏼 unsure freelancers who want to create a well-oiled machine of a business 

👉🏼 new online entrepreneurs who need a solid and scalable social media strategy & a supportive community


Trust me. I get it! And that's how I know, you're itching for more.


👉🏼 You're ready to stop hunting and chasing for clients... you want them to come to you.


👉🏼 You're ready to have a streamlined process and systems in place that allows you to work in confidence.


👉🏼 You're ready to have a rock-solid mindset and dominate your discovery calls so you can always land a YES.


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That's why I created:

The Passion to Profit Group Coaching Program - the vehicle that takes you from the current place of frustration, victim mentality and hopelessness to a place of strength, confidence and self-made success.

2020 has cultivated a lot of growth and you've realized that:

👉🏼 YOU deserve to be able to make money with no limitations

👉🏼 YOU deserve to come home to your family and not feel like it's the end of the world because your corporate job sent everyone home without a backup plan

👉🏼 YOU deserve to make a consistent income from your skills

👉🏼 YOU deserve to wake up every morning with a strong and consistent strategy to create sales

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After this year, you've learned that life is too short to spend your days working in a passion-less environment
- just like these previous Passion to Profit Clients.

If you're ready to make an income and generate impact on your own terms:

Passion to Profit is here for you and ready to support you. This program includes:

Community + Mentor support

Passion to Profit gives you unlimited support from an invested team and everyone in the program - you'll never be alone.

Profitable Method

This 12-week program supplies you with the strategies you need to build a successful online business. How do I know it works? Because I'm a living breathing proof... and so are my clients.

A Willing Attitude

You have to want to leave that place of uncertainty and move to a place of confidence. This program will also teach you how to shift your mindset to embody the entrepreneur you are called to be.

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Meet Your Coach: Chelsya 

Chelsya is a Marketing Strategist and Coach for Online Entrepreneurs.

She has a Master's degree in Communications and has worked with over 200 businesses to grow their business with social media marketing. 

Chelsya worked as the Director of Marketing at a local marketing agency and ventured out on her own after a while.

Since then, she's built a multi 6-figure business with social media management clients and a team of 5.

Ready to learn in weeks what Chelsya learned in years?


Almost 3 years ago, I woke up in my dorm room ready to ditch med school and excited to launch a business that served me and others in a mega-passionate way.

So fast forward 3 years and over 180 successful clients later... I get to do what I love, create my own freedom by working from home and earn a doctor's pay working 4-hour days.

Let me show you how to do the same.

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What's Included:

12 Intensive Coaching Calls

We'll have 1 private individual calls per month because everyone's business is different.

And we'll have 3 group coaching calls per month - because there's no better motivation than masterminding with other entrepreneurs.

(Valued at $8000)

6 Industry Leading Guest Coaches

learn the secrets and techniques of industry leading experts. 

Why go through the same mistakes when you can learn from ours and get to your goal faster? There will be 6 amazing guest experts coming and coaching you.

(Valued at $5000)

Unlimited Slack Support

because you deserve to be supported and guided in between coaching calls

Think of having me in your backpocket at all times. Wanna vent? I'm here. Wanna go over what to say to a client? Let's do it.

(Valued at $1,500)

Valued at over $10,000. But available to you for a fraction of the value.
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Here's What Previous Students Are Saying:


In 12 Weeks We'll Cover:

This Curriculum is designed to help you build, grow + scale your online business in 12 weeks.

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Passion to Profit Success Stories:


Meet Your Co-Coach: Alejandra 

As a graduate of Passion to Profit Coaching Program, Alejandra, owner of Majesty Digital Marketing, will be your co-coach!


So, not only will you have me in your back-pocket, Alejandra, a Marketing Expert and Online Business Owner, will be here for you too.

Alejandra Hurtado has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and in only months, she's built an online marketing agency with 3 team members and gets to work with her dream clients.

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If 'Rona taught us anything, it's that we crave to be in control. You have the ability to grow an online business that creates freedom and stability that you can control.


With Passion to Profit Group Coaching Program, you get:

  • 3 Private Coaching Calls with Chelsya (1 per month) - $3,000 Value

  • 9 Group Coaching Calls - $5,000 Value

  • 6 Industry Guest Expert Trainings - $5,000 Value

  • Exclusive Facebook Group for Community Support - $1,000 Value

  • Unlimited Slack Support - $3,500 Value

The actual price you'll pay? Not even a tenth of the actual value. (Hint: a steal!)

My goal is to make the decision to creating a life and business you love as easy as possible for you.

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Passion to Profit Success Stories:


Ready to be a passionate and profitable entrepreneur? Apply today.

This is an intimate group coaching program. I want to make sure that each individual has all the love, support and attention to create results in their business. Because of this, space is limited.


Apply now! We start September 14. Enrollment ends September 13.

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