3 Marketing Case Studies for Brick & Mortar Businesses

How These Businesses Went from Crickets to Customers


What's Inside the Guide:

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Deep Dive on 3 Different Businesses

Exploring the "pre-social media strategy" of a restaurant, a construction company and a jewelry store 

The 3 Different Marketing Approaches

The individual marketing approach my agency strategized for these businesses

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In-Depth Review of Results Post-Approach

Exploring the growth that resulted from the marketing strategies we implemented


Meet the Marketing Strategist

Chelsya Ernina is a Digital Marketing Strategist who loves to take a holistic and strategic view on marketing. 

She's worked with over 250 businesses to grow their business with strategic marketing (both B2B and B2C) - including websites + SEO, social media + email marketing, funnel marketing and branding.

This case study only covers the impact and transformation of three businesses Chelsya worked with.