Hi, I'm Chelsya - marketing strategist, advocate + favorite hype-gal!


The woman who's multi-passionate and is finally embracing it. Marketing is my thing, professional development is my jam and creating impact in my own way is my dream.

Psychology-based Marketing Just for You

Before starting a career in marketing, I was a pre-med student in a medical-focused college. My methods have always been analytical, scientific and strategic to the bone. The way I do business is by trusting my gut. But the way I market magnetically, is by listening to my audience.... and if I'm working with you, it's listening to yours.


Bachelor of Science in Human Biology

Master of Arts in Communications (Emphasis in Marketing)

Certifications: Hubspot Content Marketing Certificate, Hubspot Email Marketing Certificate, Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certificate, Klaviyo Product Certification


The Story

For the past 5+ years, I've had marketing experiences as a freelancer and as an employee in B2B, B2C and non-profit organizations. I was Director of Marketing for a marketing agency that handled over 100 clients at one time. Whether I'm working in a marketing agency, a corporate company or an online business, your results are my #1 priority.

I started my career by becoming a Social Media Manager and pivoted to becoming a Marketing Strategist and Mentor. After taking 4 months off of social media in early 2021 (and not having it affect my bottom line), I want to show others how you can create an online business, magnetically market yourself without compromising your true values. I want to show business owners that you can grow and scale in your own way.

I spend most of my days creating and implementing magnetic marketing for service-based businesses, learning the latest marketing trends and sipping on iced matcha latte.

Get to know me better!


1. Which of these do you dream of?

a) I don't really think that long term.

b) Waking up happy + fulfilled every day.

c) Being CEO of an amazing company.

d) Traveling the world solo.

2. How do you spend your free time?

a) Usually getting ahead on work.

b) Watching a movie with my fiancé.

c) Reading a book outside.

d) Napping.

4. What is your favorite drink?

a) Sprite

b) Coffee

c) Hot water

d) Iced Soy Matcha Latte

5. What country would you want to live in?

a) Singapore

b) England

c) France

d) Greece

3. What colors do you wear the most?

a) Yellow, red or orange.

b) Pink or purple.

c) Black, white or grey.

d) Blue or green.

6. What ethnicity are you?

a) Indonesian

b) Filipino

c) Chinese

d) Taiwanese