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Hi, I'm Chelsya - hype gal first, marketing strategist second!

I'm a multipassionate creative who helps online 

entrepreneurs create an engaged and loyal audience that buys with content marketing.

I've worked with over 250 businesses to grow their business with strategic marketing - including websites, social media + email marketing, funnel marketing and branding.

Now, I spend my time providing support to online entrepreneurs through marketing, mentorship + mastery, creating impact + change with Fempreneur HQ, and whatever leaves me feeling loved + happy (like matcha + walks).

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Providing you with hands on service so you can stay in your zone of genius

I do things a little bit differently around here. After 5+ years in marketing, 250 businesses served + over 300 projects completed, I found that time is an entrepreneur's biggest asset. If you're wanting to scale and save time on content marketing, my VIP services are for you.


Between video marketing + social media content marketing, you can get over 3 months of highly converting content in just 1 day.


Helping online entrepreneurs master their flow and market magnetically

Within my 4-month coaching program, we'll dive deep into your life and business, find your magnetic asset and create a step-by-step plan to market your business, increase visibility + generate sales. And the best part is: you won't have to do it alone and you'll do it in YOUR own way.


Because mastering your business = waking up to mornings excited = loving life and all that comes with it.



Creating an Effective Marketing Plan in 1 Day

Do you find yourself wondering why you hear crickets when you launch or promote your services? If you do, keep reading.